Damian T

Damien started getting into trouble from a young age when he started hanging out with an older crowd which landed him in prison. Throughout Damian”s adult life, he has struggled with addiction and has been in and out of prison seven times for a total of twenty years of his life.

Damian came to Life Align, Inc in early November. He seemed reluctant at first and the idea of recovery seemed overwhelming. However, that didn’t stop him from coming back again and again. Before long, Damian began to be a daily visitor; he gained his confidence back and started making better choices. Damian has been in recovery now for almost 90 days and he can be seen at Life Align helping others and being a blessing to our community.

We asked Damian what the difference in recovery this time was. He said that Life Align made him comfortable. He could relate to the other guys because they have lived through the same things he has lived through. He loved going to group and still goes every day.

Damian refers to Life Align as “his sanctuary. When I walk through the door at Life Align, I feel like I am home with my family.”
We are so proud of Damian for building a recovery foundation during his time at Life Align.

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