Nick Scharlow
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How does someone begin a story about how they completely messed up their life, and then turned it all around?

I try to not talk about the path where alcohol took me; but I enjoy talking about my decision to stop drinking and where that decision has ultimately taken me.

My story is no different than anyone else—the lies. The way I hurt people. The relationships ruined. The places I’ve been, or all the different treatment centers I have visited. Each of these made me into who I am today.

I am a grateful alcoholic in recovery.

The reason I say “grateful” is because if it wasn’t for alcohol, I would not have been exposed to--and fought through--the challenges that made me into the person I am today. I see things in a different light.

The tools gathered along my recovery journey were waiting for me for when I was ready to use them. Recovery must come naturally and sincerely; nothing can make you stop but YOU.

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